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Directory submission service has remain a controversial issues from years. The debate on directory submit services good or bad for search engine has gone high after the Google penguin update.

We agree that if you submit your website to mass low quality general web directories which are just made to get links is bad and will harm your website

However we cannot say that every submission to every directory is bad and harmful. Many of experts from search engine industry has recommended or voted in favor of directory submission services. Here we made an attempt to collect all such favored comments at one place.

Some directories and link resource lists are likely going to be valuable and useful long term (e.g. CSS Beauty’s collection of great designs, the Craft Site Directory or Public Legal’s list of legal resources). These are obviously not in the same world as those “SEO directories” and thus probably don’t deserve the same classification despite the nomenclature overlap. SEMOZ

Second, don’t dismiss directories completely. I have heard people talking about directories being altogether bad and advise people to avoid them. This is not the case, good quality, moderated directories, or niche directories are still worth looking in to. by Former Googler, Andre Weyher by Mohnesh Kohli

Some of the biggest misconceptions that I have seen out there include; “directories are altogether bad” or “anything that is below a certain PR is considered spammy by Google – Search Engine Journal

Google Search Quality Strategist Kaspar Szymanski on Google webmaster blog has recommended directory links from tropical moderated and Niche directories
Directory entries are often mentioned as another way to promote young sites in the Google index. There are great, topical directories that add value to the Internet. But there are not many of them in proportion to those of lower quality. If you decide to submit your site to a directory, make sure it’s on topic, moderated, and well structured. Source

Just wanted to pop in and add that in Local SEO, directory listings are not only still valid, but are the core of citation building which is one of the main practices of Local Search Marketing. In this specific area, Google rewards rather than punishes inclusion in local business directories. Is directory submission still a valid

In this post-Penguin landscape (imagine Mad Max, but with more geeks and less leather) there has been a renewed focus on quality directory submissions. However, when it comes to directory submissions are generally safe, a focus on quality, diversity, timing and relevance must play a central part in selecting which directories to submit to. by Andrew Shotland

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